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What is Archdl?

Archdl is a reference for downloading whatever an architect needs. Here’s how to use the site. See the About Us page to get to know us.

About Us

This section examines the different services that each part provide for users .

3Ds Max Objects

A complete collection of 3D Objects for 3Ds Max software

Revit Family

A complete collection of 2D and 3D components for revit architevture

Rhino Objects

A complete collection of 3D Objects for Rhinoceros software.

Sketchup Components

a complete collection of 3D components for sketchup software.

Autocad Blocks

A complete collection of 2D blocks for Autocad software

Texture and Material

Huge selection of ready-to-use materials and textures for architectural softwares.

Photoshop Files

Collection of open layer files, actions, Brushes, Styles and … for Photoshop software


Png or open layer files for use in architectural presentations.(Post-Production)

2D Projects

Ready drawings and projects for two-dimensional architecture design.

3D Objects

Projects and 3D models for three-dimentional architectural design softwares.

Detail Files

Huge collection of details of buildings and architecture.

Project Orders

Perform your architectural and interior design projects with the best and most experienced design team.

Powerpoint Files

Huge collection of ready-to-use architectural powerpoints.

Specialized Contents

Up-to-date educational and specialized contents on world architecture.

Reference books

A complete collection of architectural reference books.

Case studies

Case Studies of Presentations and Architectural Projects.

Architectural Softwares

Specialized software for modeling and architectural design and interior architecture.

Software Plugins

Plugins for architectural modeling softwares.

Presentation softwares

Practical softwares for architectural presentations.

Graphic softwares

Practical softwares for graphic of architectural works.

Software Learning

Videos and tutorials for architectural ,graphic and presentation softwares.

Presentation Learning

Practical training for architectural presentations.

Principles and rules

A set of standard principles , standards and governing construction and architecture rules.


A collection of top reference books to help with the study applies.

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